I’m here

The night that I partially forced myself to leave my dorm and find our taijiquan club was the night that forever changed my life – or more accurately, my perspective on life.

In softness, there is force. In force, there is softness.

I’ve learned to see life as water: it flows and always contains a force in its course.

Four ounces of counterforce: enough to deflect an incoming force.

On every path of life, there are always choices. And for each choice, there are always alternatives. Should I take it? Should I not? What should I do differently in order to not have the same outcome? What is my attitude? Do I focus here? Should I discount the future? How do I feel about it?

There are all kinds of questions, but for every moment I need to focus on my presence at the moment. I may be one. I may be two. I may be three. But I must be here.

Confucius says, “No matter where you goes, there you are.”

And I am here.


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