words are daggers stabbing hearts unknowingly.


Industrial Agriculture can be Sustainable

The Green Revolution provides the setting for the emergence of today’s industrial agriculture, which is characterized with monoculture-based, mechanization, heavy use of pesticides, intensive irrigation systems, synthetic fertilizers, and genetic modification*. Many critics affirm that even though industrial agriculture has brought about abundant sources of food, it's also responsible for intensified ecological degradation and elevated …

Organic Agriculture is Important to Feed the World

‘Organic’ is a buzzword. Producing and consuming organic foods have gained its momentum around the world. As an approach to achieve sustainable agriculture, the main goal of organic agriculture is environmental preservation with significant concerns on biodiversity and animal welfare. The Codex Alimentarius Commission of Food Agriculture Organization/ World Health Organization Food Standards Programme states: …

A Walk in Almiralty, Hong Kong

I stumbled upon my first steps on the footbridge to the Lab Concept, a department store in Admiralty, Hong Kong Island. I have been here several times due to missed appointments with the Taiwan Consulate Office, as well as my wandering adventure to explore another side of Hong Kong faraway from my exchange university. On […]

On Death

I have accepted the inevitability of death since I was a small child. That is if my memories haven't fooled me. I was born 2.3 kg, so weak and vulnerable that the elders recalled they hadn't believed I would survive. I don't remember much. Fast forward, I was 4 or five year olds when I …